Lisa has always been good at sports. It became evident as she grew older that a career in physical education was her calling.

I have always been an athlete and went to school for physical education, says Miller, who first tried golf at age 22. I always knew that I wanted to teach, but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to experience golf that I realized golf would be my concentration, she adds.

Despite her late start in the game of golf, Miller earned national certification in teaching with the PGA and today serves on the Certification Faculty, certifying PGA professionals in teaching. She is an active member of the Central New York PGA Section, serving on the Board of Directors from 1996-2001 and again for 2003 – 2006.

A four-time winner of the CNYPGA Teacher of the Year Award, most recently in 2003, Miller’s approach to learning and sharing the game with others is a testament to her athletic prowess and her natural teaching ability.

I love helping people, smiles Miller.

Lisa’s Teaching Philosophy:

We must
create a
comfortable environment to enhance the learning
Keep instruction simple and pay particular attention to
why the
student is here.? Meet the need… success will

Lisa’s Professional Accomplishments
  • PGA Master Teacher (PGA Specialty Certification), First Graduating Class, First Female
  • Golf for Women Magazine – Top 50 Teachers (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • CNY PGA Junior Golf Leader 2006
  • PGA Magazine Instruction Segment (2004)
  • Central New York PGA Teacher of the Year 4 times
  • National PGA Faculty for Teaching Certification (1998 – present)
  • Unsung Heroine Award (CNY Chapter NOW – 2002)
  • Voted America’s Greatest Teachers (Golf Digest 2000, 2001)
  • CNYPGA Board of Directors (1996 – 2001, 2003-04)
  • PGA Today (2001)
  • USA Today Lesson Tee (1997)
  • Golf Academy Live Guest Instructor (1998)
  • PGA Apprentice of the Year (1994)
Educational Programs and Workshops Lisa has Attended
  • V-1 Software Seminar (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009)
  • PGA Golf Coaching and Teaching Summit (Port St. Lucie, FL 1994-2009)
  • CNYPGA Education Seminar / Charlie Sorrell? (2002)
  • CNYPGA Education Seminar / Bob Toski (Syracuse, NY? 2000)
  • CNYPGA Education Seminar / David Glenz (Syracuse, NY? 2000)
  • CNYPGA Education Seminar / Rick Martino (Syracuse, NY? 1999)
  • Specialty Certification in Teaching (San Francisco, CA 1998 – First Graduating Class, First Female)
  • CNYPGA Education Seminar / Bob Rotella (Syracuse, NY 1996)
  • PGA Teaching Seminar / Jim McLean (Albany, NY? 1994)
Drumlins Golf Club

Owned by Syracuse University, Drumlins is a 36-hole facility which offers services to the University, the Club’s members, and the general public. Located in Dewitt, NY (see map), it is easily accessed by residents of Central New York. LSM Golf School has its facility located on the premises of Drumlins Golf Club. This allows instruction to take place in a distinct area of the Club, and the availability of a “real” course on which to practice and follow up on the instruction.