Tips on Having a Better Putting Style


A proper posture is vital to having an excellent putting style. The first thing you should do is bend your waist in a way that the arms are hanging down. Doing this makes it easy for your arms to swing like a pendulum. Next, straighten your arms away from your body. You know you’re in the right track if your arms point to the ground. Then, slightly flex your knees.

Now, you have to place yourself properly in relation to the golf ball. You can do this by using a simple trick. Try putting the ball in the middle of your eyes, bend, and drop the ball. The place where it lands is where you should position yourself in relation to it. Once you have properly positioned yourself in relation to the golf ball, spread your feet apart in a way that your heels and shoulders are apart in similar width. Last but not the least, you should keep in mind that your toe line is parallel to the target line. If you have done all of these, then you are ready for the next important step which is the putting stroke.


Instead of the usual “right hand below left hand” putting gripping, you can level up your putting stroke if you try the “cross-handed” putting grip where the left hand is positioned under the right hand. This improves control and lessens the movement of the hand and wrist. Trying this for the first few times may feel awkward, but once you get the hang of it you’ll notice that you’ll have a smoother and more consistent stroke. One of the outstanding putters like Jim Furyk has used this as well as other top professional golfers. Some pros like Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh whose putting styles went south used this technique to get back on track again.